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Autosan buses on the Galician Market


On Sunday, June 11 this year, the Great Charity Picnic was organized by the "Time of Hope" Foundation at the Sanok open-air museum. Our Company has been actively involved in realizing the noble goal of the whole event.


First Birthday of AUTOSAN sp. z o.o.


A year ago, after almost three years of operation in the bankruptcy liquidation, the enterprise AUTOSAN gained a new owner, which is a limited liability company AUTOSAN (AUTOSAN sp. z o.o.).


Welcome to AUTOSAN


AUTOSAN is a leading Polish bus manufacturer, providing vehicles that are known to many generations of Poles. It is one of the oldest companies in Poland.

Currently AUTOSAN is state of the art technical and technological solutions, care for people and the environment. The key values that guide the company are: experience and dynamic, reliability and economy. AUTOSAN is competent, friendly, trustworthy and Polish. This is the BRAND you can rely on.


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